Your IT Consultant: Fire Them or Develop a Better Relationship?

Robert Cioffi, Managing Partner, Progressive Computing on how growing businesses can work with their local IT consultant.

Progressive Computing is an IT service provider. They install and maintain networks for small and mid-sized businesses. It is mainly a managed service provider and the company provides a flexible support package.
The IT consultant is the same as your doctor or your accountant, if you aren’t happy with your current one, you should probably consider other options.
However, sometimes it’s not correctly understood how IT consulting works. Unlike some other professions it’s hard at times to know how best to measure the value your IT consultant is providing to you.
The consumer will get the best of the provider and the provider will find the consultant that’s best for them – IF the relationship is based on good communication. That’s my first advice to the new technicians I start working with, Mr. Cioffi says.
It seems obvious but all comes down to good communication.