3 Hours A Week and Personal Responses: One Brooklyn Biz Journey With Social Media Success

Do you ever wonder what is the difference between those businesses who are successful in leveraging social media and those who are not?
It takes a lot of dedication. In fact one local bar with locations in Manhattan’s East Village and Brooklyn, spends 3 hours a week and answers each and every review they get. Is it worth the 883 reviews and average of 4.5 stars. Absolutely.
Social media management company Postling wrote about them in their bog.
They write These hours are spent replying to every review Caracas receives, every day. She estimates that they receive 3-4 reviews a day for the East Village location and 1 a day for the Brooklyn location. When the reviews are good, Maribel simply thanks them. When they’re less than stellar, Maribel starts a dialogue with the customer. She recognizes that the customer wants to know what action she’s taken. She’s even had a customer take down a bad review.
Wonder why your social media foray is stuck? Maybe you need just a bit more dedication and focus.