7 Ways Web Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing

From Ramon Ray’s article on OPEN Forum
For most of us, the term web analytics is synonymous with the free Google Analytics tool that many small businesses use to track site traffic.
If you’re using analytics of any type to gloat (or mourn) over your page views and unique visitors, you could be missing a powerful opportunity to use web analytics to improve your marketing.
Pierre DeBois of Web analytics firm Zimana, who happens to be a friend, is an analytics expert who has crafted seven ways you can start using web analytics today. Try them to improve your marketing and grow your business:
1. Measure the cost effectiveness of offline advertising
Your business might spend hundreds of dollars on a flier but you are not sure if people will check out the website for more information. Why not include a URL to a tagged landing page that provides more specific information and a link to the main page. Another way is a specific URL with special tags that enables you to more easily track the traffic to the URL.
Either way, you now have a means to see how effective an offline method is and can compare against other marketing efforts.
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