9 Mistakes to Avoid While Building Your Website

I’ve been online since the 1990’s (probably even the late 1980’s). My first foray online was using Prodigy, then AOL. I then migrated to a commercial Internet Service provider. From there, I was enamored with the world of websites and HTML.
Back then, simply having a website was enough. You were a rock star if you could do any coding in HTML. Now, with so many template web design sites and services like Elance giving us web developer experts at the click of a mouse, everyone can have a great website, or so you’d think.
What I’ve found is that while many websites are awesome, especially from well known companies, many smaller businesses still struggle to have well designed websites. Part of the reason is that many of us aren’t web designers (or have any design skill). The other reason is that we follow bad habits when building our websites.
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