AT&T First, Now Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plans Are Over

Early this year AT&T stopped allowing new customers to pay for unlimited data access. Verizon Wireless, reports the Wall Street Journal, will also stop unlimited data access plans. Why? Verizon Wireless is moving beyond cell phone service and wants more companies to use its upcoming 4G wireless service in a variety of devices.
This is not going to change your business a whole lot, but you MUST ensure you are aware of the growing maturity and evolution of wireless data access.
As I posted yesterday, anytime, anywhere wireless access boosts your productivity, but also you’ll need to expect different rates and different access methods.
The WSJ writes The wireless industry has struggled to balance the increasing demand for data capacity with unlimited plans that limit how much revenue carriers can generate from their subscribers. The dynamic has pressured the carriers, who need to pour billions of dollars into their networks to ensure that the traffic flows smoothly.