Be Your Own Video Star: How One Brooklyn Company Does It On Youtube

At our last Taste of Technology Series we had a talk about viral video marketing to boost sales.Here’s an example of a company that is successfully creating online videos and indeed driving sales.
Everybody might not be able to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk or Robert Scoble but every business can create great video that drives sales. Read what Crains NY writes below:
This Brooklyn design shop has used extreme YouTube marketing to turn its key product, The Mighty Wallet, into a hit. The $15 billfold is made from a single folded sheet of Tyvek (commonly used for overnight-mail envelopes). To market the wallet, as well as some of its other products, Dynomighty Design has created more than 100 YouTube videos, many of which feature goofy stunts. For instance, “Hammer Time!” shows founder Terrence Kelleman taking a sledgehammer to a wallet that has been frozen for a week, to demonstrate the product’s indestructibility.
A great place to host your video is Youtube as it has millions of eyeballs and its easy and free to host video. However, I think for those who are SERIOUS about building video channels in your business, services like Brightcove are much better platforms.