Dear IT Admin: What Happens When You Have Too Many Computers To Manage?

Being a fast growing company has a HUGE benefit (more revenue and more profit) but the downside is that you (well your IT person) has more computers to manage, more devices and other IT challenges. Of course I haven’t even begun to mention the NON-it things such as staffing issues and other “headaches”.
But the focus of this post is on the technology.
When you have 5 or 10 computers, you can get by with going from computer to computer and ensuring everyone has an updated computer (Windows update, patches, etc). You can even remotely access the computers or use other tools to do your best to access them remotely.
As you continue to grow there are a variety of solutions you can implement to install software remotely and overall manage the computers on your network. But you might end up with a mish mash of solutions that are not optimized for your growth.
I spoke at length today with Wynn White, Vice President, Marketing for Dell KACE who explained that for growing companies with many computers to manage, their IT administrators should consider investing in an appliance that can help them manage computers.
This management includes managing patches and updates and enforcing security policies. One of the most important aspects of having a secure computer and network environment is to ensure that you have security policies but also that you enforce security policies.
An appliance, such as Dell’s KACE appliance helps with all of this. Competitors include LanDESK, Altiris, Microsoft System Management Server, Kaseya, and many others.