Grovo: Hot New Online Training Company @ NYTM

grovo-logo-alpha.pngToday I attended the monthly NY Tech Meetup event. With 800 people in the room there’s not a lot of room for networking but there is plenty of room for 8 – 10 great companies to live demo their products.
Each company is awesome and I leave with new ideas for my own company.
Of course what you’ll read about here are ONLY those companies that are great for your small and growing business.
Today we received a demo from Grovo, still in private alpha.
In summary, Grovo has compiled lots of videos that teach you how to use a variety of online tools and services.
Maybe you’re not sure how to leverage Facebook, Meetup, Yelp, Twitter or any number of other online services, Grovo can help you. See their list of courses here.
Why is this so amazing?

Well no long do you have to scratch your head and figure out how to get your staff, interns or virtual assistants up to speed on the latest technologies for marketing, sales, productivity or etc.
They can visit Grovo and over time learn.
Guess what? You can manage your Grovo account and assign staff what to learn and measure their progress.
It’s way cool.
Check out Mindflash if you have custom training you want to develop.