How Segmentation Can Drastically Improve Email Marketing Results

On September 16th we hosted a new webinar in our email marketing series with email marketing company Campaigner. Wendy Lowe, Regional Development Director, talked about how segmentation can drastically improve your email marketing results, even if you are just starting out or don’t have a big mailing list.
Watch a video replay of the entire webinar:

Download a pdf file of the presentation slides here .

Wendy explained the benefits of segmenting your list by dividing it into special groups for a targeted message, and the importance of relevancy in email marketing. It’s all about giving the email recipient what THEY want or need, not what YOU think they need. If the content interests the receiver, they are way more likely to respond to your message.
Segmentation results in increased open rates, click through rates, and – most importantly – increased revenue.
Wendy suggested some ways to segment your list, depending on your business. You can start with basic contact information, but your particular business will want to collect specific information that makes it easier for you to target future messages to that customer or prospect. For example, region, company role, source of the lead, and whether or not they are a repeat customer are different pieces of information you can use to segment your list.
Wendy gave us some simple ways to get started using segmentation, and ways to get familiar with your customer data. Surveys, sign up forms, account history and even just regular conversations with customers are sources of valuable information.
She then took us through some case studies to illustrate how to segment your lists and target your messages using the data that you have. You don’t need a database of thousands of customers to make segmentation a valuable tool in your email marketing strategy.

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    Another benefit is reducing customer turnover. By not properly segmenting your lists you run the risk of polluting the inboxes of your customers. In turn that can push them to un-subscribe or a lost potential sale.

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