How To Start Your Business For Less Than $2,000 – It’s All Tech Baby

Starting a business is NOT hard. Not including the cost for making the product, especially if you are selling something that is NOT tangible or requires inventory, you can start a business, test what customers want and so much more for VERY cheap.

Tech Crunch has a great post
with a ten step plan (and video) from Adeo Ressi, founder of TheFunded and startup accelerator, Founder Institute. It’s amazing how much technology there is for growing businesses to do SO MUCH for SO LITTLE.

Adeo Ressi on Product Development 08/19/2010 from Adeo Ressi on Vimeo.

Tech Crunch writes:
While there is no foolproof recipe for every launch, Ressi says his template will help any tech entrepreneur get a business off the ground for less than $2,000. The program, which Ressi recently presented at the Founder Institute’s Boston location, is a bare bones guide to securing your startup’s online identity, enhancing your appearance of legitimacy (through low-cost but well designed logos and marketing materials), understanding your startup’s priorities and target consumer, and finally, getting it to the point of a rough web launch.
Given that the presentation occasionally offers very specific advice (for example, step 3 centers on the use of 99designs for your logo), the ten step plan will hardly work for everyone. However, I imagine many young entrepreneurs can mine this tip sheet for some valuable advice on how to save a few extra pennies here and there on the road to launch — pennies that can later mean the difference between success and failure.