Ignore Social Media and Focus On Great Content Creation (LinkedIn’s New Tool)

Yesterday LinkedIn launched a new tool, LinkedIn Signal that goes several steps beyond Twitter search. LinkedIn signal lets you search on social media updates based on a variety of professional filters, like LInkedIn.
The LinkedIn blog post announcing this new tool reads:
I’m glad to announce today the limited release of LinkedIn Signal, a beta product that gives you a whole new way to consume information and news that’s most relevant to you as a professional.
Signal is the first of many LinkedIn products aimed at making it really easy for all professionals to glean only the most relevant insights from the never-ending stream of status updates and news. In other words, Signal allows all professionals to make sense of the noise that surrounds them today. More after the jump:

I applaud LinkedIn’s efforts to help us filter content, along our professional interests.
However, we are flooded with so many tools to help us filter and manage social media content. Large companies can afford to monitor zillions of conversations and respond to them one by one.
At yesterday’s Small Business Technology Tour much of the discussion and advice to the audience was on creating great content and leveraging the power of search engines and social networks to enable people to find you through your content. Brenda Horton of Hware spoke on this as did Patrick Schwerdtfeger. The key is to do “in-bound”” marketing, having your customers come to YOU instead of you fighting every day to try to find the right customer amongst all the junk on the Internet.
Am I saying the LISTENING is not important? Of course not it’s important. Peter Shankman told me so and there are so many tools to help you manage your social media world. Postling, Tweet Deck, Hootsuite and Dlvr.it and many more.