Live Tech Show On Monday: w/ Ramon, Howard (Harbrooke), Elise (BabyBites) and David (CASE Design). Win HP ePrint printers

On Monday morning, 20 September 2010, from 10:15am – 12:30pm, Ramon Ray (Editor and Technology Evangelist, will be moderating a LIVE discussion, streamed through the Internet with Ustream. We’ll also be giving away printers during the show.

The discussion will focus on how moms, architects and design professionals, techies and business professionals in general, can leverage new printing technologies in their business.
I am compensated by HP for moderating and promoting the event and I hope you all join me live to win printers and more importantly to continue to learn how to use technology as a tool to grow your business.
Scroll down to see the live show – which will be live on Monday morning around 10:15am
This is not just ANY printing technology but really cool technology that enables you to EMAIL documents to a printer from any device and have it printed. Have a document on your iPhone, Droid, or BlackBerry, email it to the nearest ePrint printer!
Check out our coverage of the HP announcement in June here.

On Monday email your questions, share your insight and give suggestions about eprint, live to our show, at

We’ll answer your technology questions or read your thoughts about printing.

Three winners, during each show segment will win a brand new HP printer.

(more on the contest below)
Ramon be interviewing:
Elise, of Babysites who will represent moms.
Howard Greenstein of the Harbrooke Group who will represent the techies and social media gurus.
David Fano of CASE Design

View the Live Tech Show On Monday

About the prizes:

  • This contest is being conducted solely via (companies of the persons being interviewed) and not by HP or any of its subsidiaries.
  • Prizes/printers are awarded by HP’s discretion and the people employed as part of this contest. Winners are chosen by decision of onsite hosts conducting live shows.
  • Please include your name, email address, idea/submission, and indicate whether or not HP representatives could potentially reach out to you in the future.
  • NOTE—by sending your submission you acknowledge that HP hosts may read your submission to our live audience

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