One One One With Gist Found T. A. McCann. Gist – All About Mining Your InBox

Founder and CEO of, T.A. McCann is a serial entrepreneur who formerly ran the Exchange business at Microsoft. Gist, his fifth startup, helps users integrate and manage all their contact information quickly and easily in one place. Brent Leary spoke with McCann in this interview, which has been edited for publication. To hear audio of the full interview and read this entire post read it on SMB Trends.
Question: Can you give folks a little bit of background on Gist?
T.A. McCann: The idea for Gist came to us about three years ago, as we started thinking about how overwhelmed everyone is with information—and that was just thinking about the [e-mail] inbox. Now, we may have many inboxes, be it Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. Gist brings all of those contacts from all of those different places together, automatically ranks and prioritizes everyone in your contact list, then goes out to the Web and brings you related information-general news, blogs, tweets or Facebook updates-for all of those people and delivers that back into your workflow so you can access all of your contacts and all of their content in one place.
Question: Do you think it is harder or easier today to build lasting relationships, due to information overload about people, as opposed to not having enough information in the past?
T.A. McCann: I think it’s easier to build and sustain relationships with a larger number of people because so many of us are putting content out there. The challenge is being able to pull all that information together. That’s where Gist fits in.