Online Advertising Stats: Women Click. Men Act. Knowing The Difference Can Boost Your Online Advertising Results

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, the first two humans on this beautiful planet, they didn’t have Twitter, Facebook, online advertising, Foursquare, iPhones, WordPress, Droid phones or any other technology. Just natural fruits, vegetables, animals and water. I bet that when they ran through the Garden Adam liked this that were quite different than Eve and Eve liked this that were quite different than Adam.
A few thousand years later, the genders are still so different and online advertising statistics show that.
B2B marketing company Bizo’s studies show that men act more online, once we click on an advertisement we download, buy or do whatever the “call to action” is much more than women. Women, on the other hand click around a bit more than men before they take that action. Check out the study results here.
This research enforces that fact that as you invest more and more in online advertising it is VERY important to MEASURE your results so that the DATA (not your gut instinct) can help guide you into how to PROFITABLE advertise online to your customers. It also shows how important it is to KNOW who your customers are (ie CRM and segmentation).

The Bizio study reveals quite a bit, including:

  • Women deliver a 23 percent higher click-through rate than men, but after clicking, men follow through with an action (e.g., download a whitepaper, start a free trial, make a purchase) 53 percent more than women.
  • Men are night owls – 3:00 am ET is the hour when men are most likely to click; women are morning people – 5:00 am ET is when they are most likely to click.
  • In contrast, men are most likely to act at 4:00 pm ET in the afternoon; women still keep it early and are most likely to act at 11:00 am ET.

Some Industries React to Online Ads Better Than Others

  • Business professionals who work in Publishing, Accounting, Drug Stores/Pharmacies, Veterinary Services and Agriculture click the most.
  • Business Services, Media & Internet, Hospitality, and Advertising & Marketing professionals act on advertised offers the most.
  • Those least likely to click are professionals in the Car Rental, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing, Media/Music, Boats & Marine Manufacturing and Higher Education industries.
  • Professionals in the Car Rental, Boats & Marine Manufacturing, Weight/Health Management, Construction/Residential Building and Graphic Design industries are least likely to act.

Job Roles Matter

Top clickers wear hats including: Operations Change Management, IT Database, Government Sales Support and Operations Compliance – but most actions are taken by C-Level, Information Technology, Marketing, Medical/Health and Advertising professionals.