Outright.com Invites Quicken.com Users To Come On Over

As many of you know Quicken.com shut down at the end of August and asked that its users start using Mint.com, instead. This has created a bit of angst amongst many Quicken users.
According to Outright.com, an online financial management platform, not only is the process of re-creating your accounts on Mint.com too time consuming and complicated, but Mint will no longer be able to integrate the Home & Business offerings.
Outright.com is inviting Quicken users to give it (Outright) a try.
Since most of the Quicken Online’s users are self-employed entrepreneurs, contractors and freelancers that co-mingle their finances between personal accounts, they will no longer be supported through Mint.
Outright.com claims that another benefit it has is that it automatically organizes personal and business transactions; categorizing all business transactions automatically and preparing your tax forms.

For schedule c small businesses, it appears that Outright.com could be an ideal solution, not too big and not too small, for their needs:
An Outright.com spokesperson explained three aspects of Outright.com that a small business, schedule C sized, might appreciate:

  • Outright actually handles the separation of co-mingled personal and business expenses, in many cases automatically. Very small businesses tend to use a single bank account, mixing personal and business expenses.
  • Outright automatically categorizes those transactions to your Schedule C. Granted, most self employed professionals aren’t concerned with end of year taxes (especially throughout the year); now they don’t need to be concerned even then.
  • Outright helps deal with estimated taxes. One of the most jarring experiences for self employed professionals is the fact that taxes are paid 4 times throughout the year. Outright.com, figures them out. Automatically.

If you’ve been relying on Quicken.com for your business, click on over to Outright.com and see if it can meet your needs.

One thought on “Outright.com Invites Quicken.com Users To Come On Over

  1. terrance.gaines

    I have been using Outright for the better part of this year and I must say I’ve had problems with Outright keeping my linked accounts updated.
    Every so often, due to unknown errors, I have to delete my accounts, and link them back up. Outright does provide the option to keep synched data before I delete records, so I don’t have to back and and re-organize transactions. But it has become a bit bothersome to go through this process more often than i’d like.
    All that to say Outright is still a very good (and very free) service for small biz owners…I will just have to follow up with them personally to see if my issue can be resolved.

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