Paper Bills: Just Fax or Scan Them. Why “Less Paper” Is A Reality Today and Lessons In Tech Productivity

Although many of you receive your invoices and bills through email and many of us already have automated payments setup with many vendors, there are MANY businesses who still send and receive invoices and bills.
Although larger companies are moving to a “paper-less” environment, the expense needed to fully automate and implement such a solution for small businesses is too expensive for many. has a solution that can help any businesses start to automate a paper-less solution for its bill paying.’s, Zen, enables users to simply fax, email, or upload bills into their account. Business owners (or managers, etc) are notified by email when their bills are ready to review and pay, accuracy guaranteed. automatically records information such as invoice number, invoice date, due date, payment terms, and payment amount and synchronizes with the users’ accounting system so there is no need to type bill information into a spreadsheet or accounting system ever again. And, Zen automatically updates vendor remittance information if an account number or payment address changes, ensuring that any new vendors are added to the system automatically. This saves businesses and accountants from wasting time verifying payment information on every bill or incurring late charges and bank fees from payments sent to the wrong address.

It’s very important to invest in products and services that help your business boost its productivity.
Whether it’s hiring a virtual assistant, another employee or paying $49 a month for a service helps you streamlines your business, you MUST always be on the look out for these services and try them out. You’ll find that with the smart and strategic use of these services you and your employees productivity will increase, time saved will grow, and revenue will rise.
Do keep in mind that it’s important you TRY OUT these services before investing too much money and time in them. You’ll find that by trying them out and encouraging your employees to try them out as well, you’ll know if you should further invest in them or decide it’s not for you.
How is the support? How is the customer service? How are the features? How easy is the product to use? How well does it integrate into other products and services you already use?