Ramon’s Weekend Purchase: HTC Droid Incredible. Why Every Business Professional Needs A Phone With Apps

This weekend I purchased an HTC Droid Incredible.
I upgraded from the HTC Ozone, based on Windows Mobile. Prior to this I had a Motorola Q (Windows) and prior to this a series of Palm Treo and related devices.
Why did I purchase my first Droid device?
Well, apps, apps and apps.
Very few applications are made for Windows Mobile and so many things are made for the iPhone platform and for the Droid platform. It was time to get “modern” and purchase a phone that would enable me to have lots of applications and use them to be as productive as I can.
You need to look at your phone and upgrade it RIGHT NOW if it’s not based on an operating system that enables you to utilize the many great applications on the market.
Watch my interview with Intuit about mobile productivity for more information on choosing a mobile device.
I’ve been a long time Verizon Wireless customer, hence it was simple enough for me to walk into a local store and purchase a phone. There were a lot of choices, but I narrowed on a device with NO physical keyboard to ensure a thin device. The Motorola X was thicker than the Droid Incredible, hence my choice of the Incredible.

For those AT&T customers, of course you have the iPhone as the Droid’s strongest competitor. I’ve also used AT&T’s service for several months, as part of AT&T’s Lose the Laptop Campaign.
As far as I’m concerned, Windows Mobile, in its current version is a dinosaur and Microsoft knows it. The new version of Windows (when it’s released) is expected to be much improved.
EVERY business professional SHOULD ONLY have one of three types of phones:
A BlackBerry (see my interview with BlackBerry on the power of their phones for small businesses here), iPhone or Droid.
Which phone should you NOT have?
Don’t have a legacy flip phone with no access to email. Don’t have a phone that does not have a large based of business productivity tools.
I’ve been using a Windows Mobile phone for so long and feel that I’ve missed so much in not being able to download the many applications that can make my mobile experience more productive and FUN!
If you have not entered the world of “apps” and I know there’s many of you out there, you’re doing yourself a disservice and NOT saving time, NOT saving money, NOT being more productive, NOT enhancing customer service.