Social Media Is Great. But Don’t Neglect Your Web Site. Really…

Web sites are still very important online communication tools for every business. Sure some businesses might do ok with just a Facebook page or some other profile type of page. But most businesses need a traditional, well designed web site. See my 10 Web Site Musts here –
Verizon recently launched a web site hosting and design service in conjunction with Intuit.
In conjunction with this new service Verizon analyzed a survey and offered tips all related to how businesses can build better web sites.
david-friendo-verizon-0dfd3db.jpgDavid Frendo, director of small- and medium-business services for Verizon gives a few tips on “What do small business owners overlook when they first build a site? “

  • Don’t let your web site content get stale. You will need to identify a writer (or do it yourself, if qualified) who can keep content current. Your web site is your company’s face to new and existing customers; they need to see new, dynamic content if you want them to keep coming back
  • Watch out for typos and incorrect grammar in copy as these errors are quick ways to lose or even insult some customers.
  • Avoid too many graphics and photos, especially of the small business owner. You want your site to look professional, but you don’t want it to be all about you.
  • Home page content should focus on benefits your company provides, rather than your mission, experts or how long you’ve been in business.
  • Don’t put up the site then leave it alone. You’re not done yet: Web sites need to get noticed on search engines. Understand what key words must be listed in the copy so that search engines find your site quickly.

Verizon’s Survey Summary

A third of small business owners don’t have time to build websites, according to a Small Business Caravan survey by Opinion Research on behalf of Verizon Small Business this month. It shows 56 percent of small businesses with annual revenue ranging from $250K to $750K have websites, versus 73 percent of small businesses ranging from $750K to $2M. There is a startling difference between the revenue ranges.

Other key findings among small business owners:

Small business owners who have built websites are better positioned to engage and attract customers:
Engage Customers

  • Nearly 72 percent small business owners who have websites know how to engage customers, versus 44 percent of those who do not have a website.
  • Attract Customers
  • Only 40 percent of business owners who don’t have websites know how to attract customers to their websites, versus 71 percent of those who have websites.
  • Time to Maintain Website
  • Only 35 percent of small business owners who do not have a website know-how to determine the time needed to maintain and use their sites, versus 62 percent of those who do have websites.

Only a third of small business owners who don’t have websites know how to measure the website’s profitability versus 49 percent of small business owners with websites.