Social Media: Listen. Post. Measure. Measuring Is the Hard Part

Listening to social media is kind of easy. LinkedIn Groups and Twitter searches are the easiest way to do it. Of course you can easily get flooded. But the challenge comes as you try to keep listening to so much, soon it gets to be like NOISE. Then you try measure it to see how successful you are and there are a zillion tools to do this measurement. It can be quite challenging.
What we have are a) stand alone tools like Klout,, Postling and many others, that help with this measurement (and listening and posting).
On the other hand, integrated tools such as Constant Contact’s NutShellMail help add a bit of integrated listening. Constant Contact recently announced: that is has integrated new features into its email marketing tool that allow customers to easily track and monitor their social media marketing reach. Social Stats™ gives customers a quick, clear snapshot of where their emails have been shared socially, with what frequency, and to what degree of success ─ taking the guesswork out of social media marketing. Social Stats tracks Facebook® Likes and Shares, Twitter™ tweets, and LinkedIn posts — along with the number of additional email page views generated through social media channels — to help small businesses determine campaign value, reach, and effectiveness with a single click.
This is powerful. Email marketing is still a very powerful communication mechanism (view our Campaigner webinars here) and takes a bit of education to go beyond just sending email newsletters.
However combining email with social media outreach is even more powerful, that email you sent, could be tweeted out or posted to a Facebook fan page. The total integration not just pieces are important.
If you’re not regularly monitoring and measuring your social media success and finding out which media your audience wants to obtain information from you, you are doing yourself a disservice.