Stop Trying To Be Like A Big Business: Be Happy Being Small (Lessons from Intuit’s CTO)

For years small businesses have been trying to be BIG like a BIG business. Try to hide that you are a 3 person company and get a “big business” phone system for $10 a month. How about getting a virtual phone system from Ring Central (or any number of other great companies) for the sake of simply being more productive and making it easier for your customers.
Instead of printing in color and with good design to have a “big business” image, just do it because its the right thing to do and it will increase sales.
Stop trying to look and be like a “Big Business”. Be happy being a small business and use that to your advantage to crush your small business competition, get more dollars from large companies who might hire you, take away contracts from your bigger competition who can’t move as fast ad passionately as you can and succeed!
Frederic Paul, Editor in Chief at Enterprise Efficiency recently spoke with Tayloe Stansbury, Intuit Inc. CTO and senior VP, about what small-business IT can teach the big boys. For Stansbury, the key was to focus on three things: Simplicity, The needs of the user, not the IT department, and Testing.
He writes: For small businesses, simplicity isn’t just a desirable option, it’s a necessity. Small businesses have no IT staff in many cases, so they simply can’t deal with complexity or integration hassles — “It has to work out of the box,” Stansbury said. Or it has to work seamlessly in the browser, if we’re talking about SaaS.
Read his full article here.