Twitter: Is The Choir Singing To Itself? Has The “Audience” Left?

There was a great discussion on LinkedIn’s Business Technology Forum about if Twitter is a ONE way communication platform. I think there is some metric to the comment and the responding comments were quite insightful.
Su Butcher wrote some great advice: I think if you’re having trouble getting answers to your questions then you have a) the wrong people following you and/or b) they aren’t the sort of questions people are searching for.
How many people do you follow and do you read everything they say? Of course you are not likely to read everything unless you restrict yourself just to tailored searching and a small number of followings (under 50, probably).
Some people who read your question (successful users of twitter) will say, maybe your followers just aren’t interested in your question? Not to be cheeky but to point out that people only respond when they want to – twitter is opt in. This is why developing a voice and an influence are essential to use it well. You can’t force answers, so it is important to experiment with what works.

You can read her full comments and the entire very useful thread here.