Why Online Storage Can Transform Your Productivity

Online storage file service Egnyte, recently announced that it is integrating with Google Docs and already has several integrations with mobile devices.
Dropbox, as reported in Mediabistro has a number of applications on the iPhone and Android that it integrates with as well.
The digital divide between those businesses who are leveraging technology and those who are not, continues to disturb me. One aspect of the digital divide is between those businesses who are embracing “server-less” computing and those who are not.
Businesses who are moving to an all in-the-cloud world are able to collaborate easier with employees and partners and operate their business from anywhere.
I find it ironic how quickly more businesses have the ability to store all their day-to-day files online and not carry a USB key or move files to my local hard drive before travelling.
With Internet access so ubiquitous, be it in free public, fee based or free at a hotel or other location, access to cloud based storage means that you can access all your files and documents at anytime, anyplace and from any location.
Files on USB keys or traditional servers are in “jail”, there’s only so much you can do with them. However, as small businesses, collaborating with others is so important. Your PR person, for example, might not be in your office. They might be working out of a home office or in another country or you might be on the road (like I am as I write this). Having files online enables you to get work done, enables your business to be more productive than ever before.
Another aspect of technology that enables you to be more productive are advanced in mobile technology and speed. As your smartphone gets more powerful and the network it’s on gets faster, you’ll be able to be even more productive without the burden of a carrying around a computer. Your phone will be just about all you need.

2 thoughts on “Why Online Storage Can Transform Your Productivity

  1. Mike Veny

    I am a huge fan of the cloud. In fact, as a matter of policy, I try to store as little as possible on my computer.
    I have found the cloud idea very helpful in collaborating with others. With Google Docs, I don’t even use Microsoft Office anymore.

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