Your Next Video Camera: Flip or Cell Phone?

At Monday’s Taste of Technology Small Business Series, the founders of Viddler (video hosting and measurement and more) and Grovo (online training for online applications and services) helped us get a better understanding of how to create viral video in our businesses, to boost sales.
Of course one thing you must have to create video is a video camera. I’ve been using my trusty Flip video camera for about 2 years now and love it. It’s not the HD type, as I don’t want large video files and the image quality comes out pretty well.
For those of you who want HD video, Cisco (makers of the Flip) has refreshed the product line with a new line of HD video cameras, you can read more about this here.
I just purchased an HTC Incredible (Google Android based phone) and it’s video is pretty good, so I’m wondering will I start using my phone to take video or use continue to use the Flip.
For now, and this is my suggestion to you, is to use a Flip (or some other device). You can save your phones power for talking and email and rely on a dedicated device for video. I also find that not having to press 2 or 3 buttons to take video is nice. With the Flip you just turn it on and press the red record button.
Although having devices that can do multiple tasks is nice, there is also merrit to having a dedicated device that does one thing very well. I don’t have to worry about filling up the memory of my cell phone either.
Why create video?

  • Take short videos of your customers
  • Take short videos of your staff giving tips to customers
  • Take videos of yourself giving insight to your customers
  • Take videos of industry events your customers might be interested in
  • Create your own video channel

The skies the limit!

One thought on “Your Next Video Camera: Flip or Cell Phone?

  1. Mike Veny

    I suggest getting a flip. There is a popular ad for another camera that says something like, “If it has a ringtone, it’s not a camera.”
    My Flip has actually changed my marketing plan. Instead of just having some videos up online, I plan on using it to records hundreds of high quality videos in a snap.
    Entrepreneur Magazine mentioned several months ago that video on sites is going be the new way to optimize your site for SEO.
    Check out the video that I use to promote myself as a professional drummer.

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