7 Tips for Effective Networking

In the New York area, fall is the time where people stop thinking about vacation, get back to the grind, and you all the sudden find yourself not only attending, but hosting several events.
For example, as I type this I’m at BizTechDay in New York, in another few months I’ll be attending NY XPO, and that’s followed by New York Entrepreneur Week. In addition, OPEN just finished the New York Times Small Business event, the U.S. Chamber has a big event, and next will be the Small Business Summit coming up next year.
What about your city? I’m sure there are dozens of events happening every day. If you think about all the meet-ups, that’s only scratching the surface.
What’s common about all of these events is networking. Although some of you network very well, there are still many business professionals who I see at events who are either alone or do not know how to successfully network. Here are seven tips on how to ensure that when you leave your next event, you are able to get at least one person who can help advance your business:
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