Are You Ready For Turkey In the Oven and Shoppers Getting Ready for Holiday Shopping?

The time to optimize your website and get ready for holiday shopping is RIGHT NOW. Speak with your web designer, call your web host and OPTIMIZE your web sit for online retail shopping success.
Shopping cart abandonment gurus at SeeWhy, in particular Charles Nicholls, Founder and CSO, continue to give insight about how to online retailers can boost sales this holiday season. Check out their latest blog post, here’s a snip of the insight:
Note also how the day of the week is very significant: During the weekends, customers were researching, not buying. The pattern of high shopping cart abandonment rates during the weekend is normal throughout the year as customers research online before potentially making a purchase during the week. However, this pattern was much more pronounced from mid-September through mid-November, reflected in a peak abandonment rate for the year.
What happened in mid-November, of course, was that Black Friday-specific promotions were being rolled out across the board, triggering seasonal buying—not browsing—behavior and the ramp up to the peak on Cyber Monday.
Based on last year’s pattern, we should expect that, until the big Thanksgiving promotions get rolled out in mid-November, many customers will defer purchases, having become conditioned not to purchase online but to wait.