Don’t Block Web Sites and Other ‘Net Access Until You Measure

I know it’s darn frustrating for you to suspect or KNOW your employees are wasting time on social media web sites, playing fantasy football or shopping. But until you can measure their productivity and really know what they are doing, don’t just block everything. You want an oasis of productivity and trust and NOT a jail.
A colleague told me that the latest study from Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported $1.5 billion lost in productivity from fantasy junkies.
This raises the question of how employers balance the sense of community and boost in workplace morale against the lost time and productivity? Should you block fantasy sites? Allow them without any restrictions? The truth is it’s a guessing game unless you have an effective monitoring system in place.
Ermis Sfakiyanudis, CEO of eTelemetry, works with companies to tackle these challenges and has some great insight:
It’s less about being Big Brother, and more about knowing your employees and matching Internet policies to your corporate culture. After using eTelemetry’s monitoring appliance Metron, some employers even choose to allow MORE access rather than less.