I Survived 2 Hours In My Car – With Only My Smartphone. Could You?

Last week, I was waiting in line at a free AAA car inspection. It took about 2 hours of waiting. While in line, however, I had some URGENT business to take care of.
Typing a letter, accessing documents and phone calls.
I was VERY nervous as I didn’t realize it would take so long and I had several urgent project deadlines to deal with IN THE CAR.
But guess what? Since I’m 100% cloud based (thanks to Carbonite, DropBox and Google Docs) I knew I could access all my applications.
My concern was could my smartphone handle the tasks?
I have an HTC Incredible Droid, but the same principle applies with BlackBerry or the iPhone.
I was able to type some substantive documents and most importantly review documents (Power Point, speadsheets and more) all using my smartphone.
It was not as easy as my 21″ flat panel or nice big keyboard, but I did it. That’s the point.
I was able to, for example, access my files in Google Docs, review the information I needed and move on.
I was able to review a Power Point and extract the needed information.
ONLY glitch, I could not properly share a Google document (give permissions to another use) through my smartphone. I could share a link but it came out garbled.


If you are PREPARED, you’ll never panic if you need to get serious work done – as long as you have a good smartphone.
Also TEST and try out a variety of technologies all the cloud collaboration services do not work the same, but similar. Egnyte, Google Docs, Zoho, Hyper Office, Web Office, Microsoft Skydrive, Dropbox and many others are great tools. But try them out so you know what they can and cannot do.
I’ll still carry around my tech bag, with a full compliment of wireless broadband, cigarette lighter adapter for powering devices and so much more…including my netbook!