If You Have Great Video: Embed Videos In Your Twitter Stream

Twitter is a great platform for communicating with your customers. However, I debate whether we are taking it too far, sometimes. Seeing how Constant Contact is turning more into a social media company than to an email marketing company, makes me wonder if all of us are drinking too much “social media” juice.
Yet on the other hand many of use are communicating through Twitter, following keywords and individuals to stay in touch. In fact I’m getting more “emails” through Twitter with each week.
So on one hand, while I think at times the use of social media is too much, I think on the other hand, smart businesses will follow their customers where thy are – be it online or offline. Be it Twitter or newspaper classified advertising.
This is leading me to let you know that Brightcove has worked with Twitter to enable approved video publishers to embed their videos into their Twitter streams. While I’m not sure how this will pan out, I do think it’s simply another evolution of the power of video and social media for businesses.
Here’s a video from Beet.TV about it: