Invest In Your Business and Stop Putting Out Fires: 4 Resources From Intuit

I know your busy running your business (like I am). You’re concerned about hiring employees, finding free lance help, getting new customers, still confused about how to leverage your online presence and pay those bills that never stop coming.
However, sometimes you just have to get a cup of tea, breathe deeply and do some reading and thinking about your business. You have to run your business, but if you do not take the time to THINK about the growth of your business and take the time to leverage resources (free and fee based) that are available to you, you’re leaving opportunities and often times actual money, on the table.
Well here’s your chance and one of them includes winning $100,000 or helping another business win with a four resources from Intuit:

  • Free book: Expert advice from best-selling author, Rhonda Abrams’ newest book Hire Your First Employee: The entrepreneur’s guide to finding, choosing and leading great people. For a free copy of the book visit
  • Tips on preparing to hire at
  • Intuit’s Small Business Employment Index offers insights into the unique employment trends of the nation’s small businesses based on Intuit Online Payroll data from approximately 57,000 small businesses. This monthly data will provide insight on how the bill and other economic factors may be affecting small businesses.
  • In addition, Intuit’s Love a Local Business is offering small businesses a chance to win up to $100,000 in Intuit Hiring Grants to help with the cost of hiring an employee. The contest will run between October 1st – December 31st with more information on how to register and vote available at the following link starting next week:

Today it’s Intuit, tomorrow it will be Microsoft, Campaigner, Dell, HP, Merchant Circle, Cisco, Elance, Egnyte, Ring Central, Slide Rocket or any one of dozens of other great vendors focused on help small businesses grow.