Is A Monthly Data Fee Keeping You From Buying A Smartphone

Most business professionals have a smartphone and use it to access their email and websites. However, I’m sure there’s some who find the extra cost of a data plan, a bit too much. Following AT&T’s lead, Verizon Wireless will also offer a cheaper data plan of $15 per month (down from $30) according to the Wall Street journal who writes
“When you move down market, value-type offerings are performing very, very well,” AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said at a conference last month, referring to the new data plans. “We’re seeing a terrific uptake and in fact, we’re seeing a lot of people actually move into the data market who had not been in the mobile data market before.”
The new $15 Verizon Wireless plan will be available on Oct. 28 for new customers, and requires a two-year contract. Existing customers have the option of moving to the less expensive option, or keeping their current plan. The new plan was earlier reported by technology website Engadget.

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