Leveraging Social Patterns: The Missing Link Between Social & Email Marketing

Last week we hosted the latest webinar in our email marketing series with Campaigner – Leveraging Social Patterns: The Missing Link between Social & Email Marketing.
Jenn Markey, Director of Business Development at Campaigner explained the importance of integrating your email marketing and social media strategy. Jenn explained that they are not two different types of marketing that exist side by side in your strategy, but are tools that can be integrated so you can engage customers and prospects at every stage.
Watch a replay:

Download the slides here.
In this webinar, Jenn discusses:

  • How social media and email marketing accomplish different tasks
  • The importance of segmentation
  • How to segment your marketing objectives
  • Social media’s role in the buying process
  • Email’s role in the buying process
  • How combining social and email marketing will lead to better engagement
  • What do DO when you have a prospect’s email address
  • And more

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