LinkedIn 101: In Depth Review Of How One Business Owner Succeeds On LinkedIn

The New York Times has a fantastic story of a how a maker of luxury handbags and goods for horse lovers is growing her business through LinkedIn. The NY Times writes:
For the LinkedIn novice, the first step is to create a profile, which is much like putting together a résumé listing education, professional experience and skills. But the online profile is different from a printed résumé.
For example, putting more content, rather than less, will make your profile more likely to come up in searches. That means listing not just major positions you’ve had, but also minor internships and summer jobs. And it means listing all the skills you have. Change the privacy settings to be as open as possible; if you are looking for work, you want strangers to find you.
Next, it is good to have other people vouch for you. You ask people you know to write brief recommendations that also appear in your profile. A little logrolling never hurts. Recommend people you know as they may be more inclined to return the favor.
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