Make Your Web Site Smartphone Accessible Or Lose Business

You’re going to get more and more customers to your web site form mobile devices, such as smartphones. That’s a FACT.
The question for you is, is your web site ready to receive these mobile customers and enable them to access your web site from their mobile devices?
A recent study by dotMOBI affirms that more of YOUR users are accessing YOUR web site form mobile devices.
I was giving a class at Touro College Graduate School this week, to real estate agents, about mobility, and one of my points was that they must ensure their web sites are mobile friendly. Just a Gogole search on mobile web sites, will bring up many providers who can help.
When someone is looking for something online they are NOT going to buy from you if they can’t read what’s on your web site. If your competitor’s web site is mobile ready, then they will get the sale and you won’t.
According to dotMobil’s press release, the 2010 study demonstrates that the mobile Web is continuing its explosive global growth. The 2008 study showed 150,000 mobile-ready websites, while the 2010 study showed approximately 3.01 million sites, representing an incredible two-year growth of more than 2,000 percent. And that growth level significantly outpaces early desktop growth.

Web analysts Netcraft found that, between 1996 and 1998, the size of the desktop Web grew from 150,000 sites to 2.0 million sites, a growth rate of only 1,333 percent compared to the mobile Web’s 2,000 percent growth in the equivalent timeframe.
“Many brands and businesses are seeing that mobile is a vital, unique channel and not just a smaller desktop Web. Big brands are now adopting mobile Web strategies, but we still have a long way to go, given the ubiquity of mobile phones compared to computers,” said Trey Harvin, CEO of dotMobi. “A recent Morgan Stanley report noted that the ‘mobile internet is ramping faster than desktop internet did and will be bigger than most think’. Businesses of all sizes need to prepare for the change in how people will access content by embracing the mobile Web.”
“Small business owners must engage their growing mobile audience as large brands have. Tools like Dreamweaver and WordPress enabled this to happen on the desktop Web by making site creation fast, easy and cheap. Developments like jQuery Mobile, DeviceAtlas and goMobi are now making this happen for the mobile Web,” added Harvin.