Microsoft Office365: If You Love Office, You’ll Love Office365

Too many times, the media focuses on the competition between Microsoft and Google in the office productivity suite space. However, stop worrying about Google vs Microsoft and focus on making your business more productive. Whether it’s Google, Microsoft, HyperOffice, Zoho or any number of other online suites, you MUST start moving your business to the cloud – more and more!
Microsoft has a new version of Office, that’s totally cloud based and will replace Office Live and Business Productivity Office Suite – it’s Office365.
It’s an uprade of other online applications it has and an replacement of previous offerings. Network World estimates that it will cost about $70 per user per year, but cheaper than the hundreds of dollars traditional Microsoft Office (installed on a PC) costs.

Network Word writes Microsoft announced this week that it is replacing current cloud productivity offerings with a consolidated cloud productivity suite under the banner Office 365. Office 365 is in limited beta, and not expected to be officially available until sometime in 2011, but when it launches it will present a compelling case for small and medium businesses to move to the cloud.
Microsoft is re-inventing, and re-branding its cloud-based productivity offering under the Office 365 banner.Office 365 integrates Office Web apps, SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync (formerly Office Communications Server) into a single cloud-based platform to challenge the Google empire and attempt to extend Microsoft’s dominance of office productivity software to the Web. Here are five reasons for businesses to embrace Office 365 with open arms.

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