Mobility Is The New Desktop: Bill McDermott (SAP) – World Business Forum – WBF10

bill-mcdermoot.jpgBill McDermott, Co-CEO of SAP, with his Long Island accent, passion for business and “say it like it is” delivery was refreshing.
The part of his presentation on leadership was amazing. In this post I’ll focus on his brief, but enlightening comments on mobile technology.

  • Mobile computing will lead the way for businesses.
  • You might say that the US is already mobile. However, only 30% of citizens in the United States have a smartphone. However, Internationally this number is far higher.
  • Mobile is the new desktop
  • Bill said that by 2014, there will be 6.5 billion mobile workers running business applications on their hips.


  • He sees a shift from paper coupons in the Sunday newspaper to location based discounts on your phone (of course many companies are doing this now).
  • He sees SMS from a restaurant instead of putting in quarters to a parking meter.

Bill said that mobile is not just the biggest business opportunity it’s the KEY to managing people. You empoower them when you unleash them to and give them the information to do their work.

With this technology change, the question for you is HOW will you transform your business through mobile technology.

Although Bill’s comments were quite brief, it should serve as a wake up call for all business leaders. In fact one of my Six Tech Rules is about mobility.
Today, talk to your local technology advisor, or call a company like AT&T, Cbeyond, Verizon Wireless and ask them how you can do more with mobile technology. It will transform your business.