Never Tried Radio Advertising? Maybe It’s Time To Advertise Locally Through Pandora.

Radio advertising is hugely popular for many local retail stores, but also larger brands – from OnStar to 1800-Mattres and so many others, local radio advertising is powerful.
Online radio station, Pandora has tens of millions of customers and has a platform to enable small businesses (and big ones) to advertise online or on the many mobile devices that also stream Pandora music.
You have dozens of options to advertise your business, there is not ONE right solution, but it’s what is the right mix or blend of solutions that are best for your business?
Pandora’s press release reads To facilitate this new SMB advertising solution, Pandora has expanded an existing partnership with AdReady, a company that delivers best-in-class software solutions for digital display advertising. Technology from AdReady is helping to make SMB advertising on mobile a turnkey process by offering support to build mobile banners at no additional cost to the advertiser. Now, local and regional businesses have access to an affordable, streamlined campaign implementation process to run sophisticated localized campaigns on Pandora’s mobile applications. To support the growing roster of SMB advertisers, the Pandora SMB team size has continued to increase.
“Historically, up-front costs associated with running a mobile campaign made it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to advertise on mobile,” said John Trimble, chief revenue officer, Pandora. “This streamlined platform gives local and regional advertisers, from universities and banks to car dealerships and entertainment venues, the ability to implement multi-platform digital campaigns that effectively reach very large local audiences on Pandora.”