NYC Has A Bedbug Problem: Can Document Scanning Help?

For you home office users or those in the corporate office who are concerned about bed bugs, maybe you should think about getting rid of some of your filing cabinets and other ‘storage’ places and moving your documents to a hard drive.
The less areas you have for bedbugs to nest, the better off you’ll be. Sure this might be a “stretch” but I think it’s a pretty neat and interesting idea.
Cabinet-Ng told me that In a recent article Laura Petrecca of USA Today, says that, “Most cubicle dwellers and corner office executives are blissfully unaware of bug problems. And many wrongly think infestations take place only in the homes of unclean folks or in college dorms. But bedbugs can survive in a multitude of eek-evoking settings, such as offices, movie theaters and libraries.”
Cabinet-Ng tells me that Bedbugs are a complicated issue to deal with and do not go away as easily as one would hope. Rather than having to deal with the problem when these pesky insects find their way into your office, it might be better to take care of the problem before it begins – starting with the filing cabinet. This and office kitchen cabinets are one the main “homes” of these bugs since they prefer dark and tight places. Companies that have been holding off on implementing an electronic document management system might see this as a good time to turn to a paperless office. Not only will the return on investment and ease of efficiency be worth it, but you can also keep those pesky bedbugs at bay.

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