Online Collaboration: A Look At Five Collaboration Suites (from Laurie McCabe)

Laurie McCabe, Analyst and Partner at SMB Group is a guru of guru’s when it comes to the technologies small businesses need for their business. One topic she’s very passionate about is collaboration suites. She’ll be speaking about this at the Boston Small Business Technology Tour on October 25th.
Until then check out her 3 part series blog post on the topic:
Collaboration is probably the only activity that everyone in every company engages in every day. Whether a CEO or new hire, an accountant or a construction worker, everyone needs to share and manage information, ideas, resources, and connections to get their jobs done.
Until recently, most small and medium businesses (SMBs) could get along just fine by pulling together a few point solutions such as email, calendars, document sharing, and the good old telephone. But as the number of mobile and remote workers soar, requirements to collaborate with external partners, customers and suppliers intensify, and the information overload continues to mount you are not alone if you’re finding that tools are no longer up to the job. In fact, you are likely to be feeling that this hodge-podge of point solutions is leading to miscommunication and mistakes, which in turn, results in lost productivity and a loss of credibility with clients, partners and suppliers.
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