Printer Ink: Original or “White Label”? Is There A Difference

Your local office supply store and many online outlets, such as Cartridge World, sell all sorts of ink for your printer. They sell ink that’s the printer vendor brand and they also sell their own brands and recycled ink cartridges.
Is there a difference? Like every dispute, it really depends on who you ask.
HP has a new web site up, showcasing the “challenges” customers have had when buying non HP ink cartridges. One of the quotes reads:
I purchased both remanufactured black and color cartridges. Office Depot claims their remfg cartridges are guaranteed. When I installed the cartridges,they didn’t work right. The color wasn’t printing except the blurred stripes. The colors were splotchy, and the black was faint. When I called OD, they told me thats the chance I take buying remanufactured cartridges. I feel if you spend $30-40 on cartridges they should at least print a few pages regardless of being remeanufactured or new.
Hp’s new web site offers “amnesty” if you’ve bought non HP ink cartridges.
Although I’m not 100% convinced on who is right, the campaign’s pretty interesting and maybe even a bit cute.
Check out HP’s new web site here and get amnesty!
You can get amnesty and be educated about your printing and consumable printing office supplies.