Ready For Your First Mobile App? It’s Not Just For Big Companies

Andrew Gazdecki is the founder of Bizness Apps and he claims to have the simplest way for small businesses to create their own iPhone app.
Bizness Apps uses a 5-step process to help small business owners create and customize apps, and utilize technologies such as GPS check-in, push notifications, and sharing to social media. The solution costs $39 a month, with no contract.
I asked Andrew a few questions:

Should every business have an app?

Any business who wants to engage customers on a mobile level should definitely create an app, and the sooner the better. Having a mobile presence will prove to be vital to a businesses success within a few years.

There are so many app creation tools what are some of the differences in the services and how to decide which app creation tool is best for you?

While the Bizness Apps platform has many tools and functionalities it is important to figure out which ones apply to your business, and to leverage those. For instance a bar would find GPS check-in coupons extremely useful as they provide a powerful incentive for people to frequent your business. A realtor would find more use in our mortgage calculator and menu tool, where they can provide detailed information about their team and listings.
It boils down to picking functions that align with your goal for mobile engagement. Once you begin to see how your customers interact with the app you can begin picking up on which tools are best for you. Also because our apps are server-based, whenever you update your app on it will automatically update on the customer’s iPhone. This means tab function and information can be changed anytime, anywhere, leaving businesses room to experiment with different tools to find the ones that are perfect for them.

What are some ways to help decide what app should be created?

When building your app you should be able to answer two questions: 1) What info should my app have? 2) What type of experience do I want to offer app users?
Once you have both those questions answered you should have a clear idea of the types of functionality your app should contain. It’s important to have both relevant information about your business, as well as a functionality through which you can directly interact with customers, such as push notifications and GPS check-in coupons.

Should businesses create apps for their own customers or create an app to try to get millions of “consumer” or other users?

Focusing on customers is key for mobile engagement through apps. It is very unlikely that consumers who are unfamiliar with your business will download or use your iPhone app as it isn’t relevant to their life. Mobile presences are based on cultivating relationships, not getting advertising. While an app is a powerful marketing platform, if used correctly it can be an even more powerful engagement platform.

How do you know when you should or should not create an app?

It comes down to whether or not you’re ready to take the next step in building your business. The future of consumer engagement is going to be mobile, and the technology available right now is just the beginning. The sooner you begin building a mobile presence for your business, the more advantage you’ll have over your competition as the market matures.