Secure Your Android Smartphone With A Free Tool

What’s on your smartphone? If your smartphone has very important information you might want to consider ultra-extra protection and check out Symantec’s Norton Mobile security. Although for many of us mobile security might seem to be a bit much, it’s critical to ensure that you make a best effort to keep your data, especially those on mobile devices, secure.
Life Hacker writes if you want a last-resort means of locking or wiping out your smartphone, Norton’s free (for now) beta app offers those powers, along with some feel-good malware scanning.
Tech Republic writes Some security experts are skeptical of the idea that smartphones will ever be much of a target for malicious security crackers to build botnets, or otherwise hijacking resources. Maybe the botnet threat will never materialize for the smartphone platform, because it is so limited compared to the general-purpose desktop and laptop computer. On the other hand, even if malicious security crackers are not directly targeting our smartphones yet, the ability to transfer files between a smartphone and a more general-purpose computer means that a smartphone can become an important vector for spreading viruses and other mobile malicious code.