Selling Online? Want To Boost Holiday Sales? Start Tweaking Your Site Now

The Holiday Shopping season is almost here. Right after Thanksgiving it’s when many American’s start to “give back” to Visa and take on tons of debt…did I just say that?
Well it’s also the time when retailers (the big ones and the smaller ones – that’s YOU) can drive up sales and make up for a year that might not have been so great.
If you’re going to boost sales, one part of this sales boost is to tweak your web site so the items you’re selling can be FOUND online. Of course improving your web site’s look and feel, ensuring your customer service team is ready are also important.
Hotfrog an online directory of businesses gives a few neat tips for helping to boost sales during the holidays.

  1. Add Christmas and seasonally relevant product and service information to your online properties, including your website, your business’ social media pages and business directory services like hotfrog, which allows unlimited addition of products and services for free. This simple step is often overlooked but can be incredibly valuable in making your site appear in searches for seasonal gifts and services.
  2. Make your online updates before the end of October to allow sufficient time for search engines to index and rank the new content. Updating your information well in advance of the holiday season will help ensure your products and services are more easily found throughout the busy shopping season.
  3. Modify or add Christmas-specific and seasonal keywords to your content and listings, focusing on specific products and services you are marketing during the holidays – the more precisely you can define these, the better chance that online search users looking for something specific or unique will find you.
  4. Take advantage of the current 60-day free trial of hotfrog AdVantage to create online ads to specifically target holiday shoppers with your seasonal products and services. hotfrog AdVantage delivers a targeted professional ad for your business and an enhanced, advertising-free company page to help you boost your sales.