Social Media For Businesses: Are 23 Fans on Facebook Ok?

What happens if a business has thousands of customers and doing fairly well, but only has a few customers on Facebook? My friends at Klout of course say that follower count is not all that important. However, it’s no fun to be a business, trying to connect with other businesses and having such a low number on your social network services.
The Wall Street Journal writes A survey released last month of 230 B-to-B companies shows that 24% are using Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and others for marketing, and another 36% plan to try them in the coming year. “It’s certainly something that has taken off in the last six months,” says Michael Greene, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc., which conducted the study.
In general, he says B-to-Bs tend to be slower to adopt new marketing technologies than business-to-consumer companies. But now that they’re catching up, it appears that many are having a tough time gaining followers. “B-2-B isn’t sexy,” says Mr. Greene. “It doesn’t have that same immediate attraction that consumer brands do.”

The article goes on to read “You have to pick the right tools, and sometimes the tools are dictated by the kind of company you are and the kind of prospects and clients you have,” says Kathy Scheessele, a partner at Mastering Business Development Inc., a Charlotte, N.C., business-consulting firm that recently started using LinkedIn.
What about you? Is your traditional marketing doing pretty well but your social network marketing leaves much to be desired.
Be creative. Communicate. Find ways to connect with people. Leverage social media tools that can help you better manage your social network!
Social media marketing is NOT hard, but it does take focus and dedication. It does take a bit of creativity to ensure you REACH customers the way they want to be reached and to break through the noise.
Read the full WSJ article here.