Tablets, Pads and You: Beyond Apple’s iPad: Dell, Samsung, BlackBerry

It’s too early to tell which tablet device is best for you. Apple iPad is the leading tablet vendor. Dell, Samsung, BlackBerry and other vendors have all launched and/or announced tablets as well.
How should you decide which one is best for your business?
The operating system is one way to choose. Google’s Android is very good, based on my experiences with it on smartphones – Dell and Samsung’s new devices run on the Android OS. BlackBerry is a leading vendor of mobile applications, if its smartphone success is duplicated on its new tablet than it should be in your winning category.
The WSJ writes “You’re going to see a spray-and-pray approach with a lot of the tablet market over the course of the next year as vendors throw a number of products out there to see what sticks,” said iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander.
My advice? Get a 2 or 3 tablets and consistently use them for a week or a few days, then you’ll have a better sense of which one you like.
Information on Samsung’s Tablet from Wired and from PC World
Information on BlackBerry’s tablet from the NY Times
Information about Dell’s new tablet from the WSJ