The Dizzying Options For Online File Management: No USB Drive. No Notebook.

I just got back from a week in Mountain View, California as part of the Small Business Technology Tour. This was the first trip where my use of online applications, including file management, was 100%.
Business professionals are finding that sine wireless connectivity is so prevalent they can more comfortably work from the “cloud” and know that any file they need is only a click away. For my trip, I used Dropbox and Carbonite’s remote access feature. In fact I had left my notebook a the venue of the tour – the Computer History Museum. Normally I’d be in a panic, but since all my files were online I just used another computer (yeah I had two with me) and was working quite normally.
I think what Egnyte‘s working on (video from them coming in a few days) is pretty neat.
I’ve covered them in the past, and as you may remember they not only store files in the cloud, but also provide an on-premise hard drive so companies have dual methods of accessing their files.

Recently Egnyte announced that they also provide FTP access to files and full integration with Google Docs.

Egnyte’s press release reads that File Transfer Protocol (FTP) —originally developed nearly 40 years ago—remains the best choice for moving large files between two distributed systems quickly. It’s powerful, fast and extremely reliable but is typically only useful for point-to-point transfers rather than multi-user sharing. For large organizations using FTP to transfer large files, FTP servers need to be set up, configured and maintained which can be an arduous, time-consuming process.

Egnyte Cloud File Server now integrates FTP transfer protocols into its Cloud File Server infrastructure without requiring customers to add any hardware, essentially transforming FTP into a new fast, flexible cloud service. Once the files are hosted in Egnyte, companies can leverage all the benefits of the Cloud File Server, including central administration, folder based permissions, file sharing links and more. Egnyte now provides businesses the most comprehensive data upload/download options – directly from any web browser; working off a mapped PC drive; sync capability using its local cloud technology and FTP.
In regards to Google Docs, Egnyte writes:
Google Docs pure cloud based service for managing word processing, spreadsheets and presentations is now a seamless extension to the Egnyte Cloud File Server. Egnyte enables companies to operate in a hybrid world by using Microsoft Office and Google Docs, providing one integrated view and access point to all their files. All the Google Docs folders and files can be browsed from within the user’s Egnyte account.
Additionally, Egnyte fully leverages Google Doc’s online editing capabilities to let businesses access and edit Google files or Microsoft Office files online. For example, a company can share an excel spreadsheet from its Egnyte file server with its business partner. Even if the partner does not have the Excel program, they can easily view or edit the spreadsheet using Google Docs. The updated spreadsheet will be seamlessly merged back into the Egnyte file server.
If you’re looking for something more powerful and feature rich than your current cloud based file management solution, check out Egnyte.