Three Ways Hackers Can Put You Out of Business

There’s lots of ways hackers can cause mischief in your life and destroy your business. Symantec’s put together three main ways this happen.
The three ways are:

  • Steal all the money in your bank account
  • Steal your intellectual property and customer information
  • Drive your customers away

Symantec writes:
Hunters and gatherers. Most people think of cybercrime against business to be the work of hunters such as cybercriminals who target then infiltrate a company to steal from it. Reading the newspaper, it’s easy to convince yourself that these hunters are after big game and a small business does not have to worry about these targeted attacks. Maybe; however, we’ll talk more about that later. The majority of cybercriminals can best be described as gatherers. They throw wide nets and take advantage of whatever victims land in those nets. Small businesses really must watch out for the gatherers.
Because the barrier of entry is low, there are many gatherers. A gatherer doesn’t have to be a criminal genius. They don’t even need advanced computer skills. They really don’t need to know much at all—except where to buy a toolkit. Toolkits allow criminals with limited skills to get into the game of gathering then selling information.
In 2009, Symantec reported that almost 75 percent of malware was capable of performing five different attacks on an infected machine. A typical toolkit today is built to allow the criminal to monetize infected machines in every way possible. Not only can it record everything a user types on a system (keystroke loggers, a simple way to capture any password a user types in), but it can also steal email addresses found on the machine (to sell to spammers or to attack other users) and add additional malware to the machine at any time (remote access allows the criminal to download and execute any file they want). This would allow the criminal to introduce new malware on to the machine. Typically, this malware is a fake AV product and/or a spam bot.
These types of attacks are a concern for everyone. But, there are three particular types of attacks that can have a devastating effect on a small business. Here are some of the ways our so-called gatherers will try and steal from your small business.
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