USA Today: Tech Is Headache For Many Of You

As a former technology consultant and one who covers this space day in and day out, I know technology can be down right confusing for many of you.
Some of you know you need it, but don’t know what to buy. Some of you know you need it, don’t know what to buy, but still buy technology and often buy the wrong kind.
USA Today covered these and other issues:
From smartphones to souped-up servers, a plethora of technological tools can help small businesses as they expand. Yet with so many options — and so many business demands that need to be met — technology can be daunting for even the most experienced entrepreneurs.
“It’s this feeling that you’re falling behind constantly,” says Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of the Computing Technology Industry Association, the country’s largest IT trade association.
“There is so much change out there,” he says, and business owners often have much “fear and frustration” as they try to keep up.
There’s the cost: Growing businesses often have to shell out big bucks for equipment that could quickly become obsolete. There’s also the time factor: 43% of business owners spend more than two hours a week on technology problems, according to a National Small Business Association (NSBA) survey to be released this week.
I highly suggest you check out the full article here.