When Social Media & Email Marketing Blend: Faceless Customers Come Alive

The power of email marketing is that you can reach customers directly in their email boxes. Email is still a very powerful form of communication.
On the other hand I was speaking to an executive at a network TV studio and she was telling me how she was simply drowning in email. An anchor for Fox, at BizTechDay NY, said how every Sunday evening he deletes all the email in his inbox and starts new each week.
It’s hard to get your email message to break from the noise, but it is possible.
We all have social media profiles and I’m seeing a huge increase in people direct Tweeting me, emailing me via Facebook or via LinkedIn. Either way, the flood of in-bound communication is something we just can’t stop.
What’s nice, however, is that thanks to the growth of social media we can now know much more about our customers.
Email marketing service Mailchimp, is working with SocialPro to give you deeper insight into your email readers, in fact, you can see their faces as SocialPro connects their email address to their social network accounts.
Constant Contact has announced that it has has partnered with Flowtown, a social media marketing platform, to provide users of its email marketing tool with deeper insights into their subscribers. Information includes demographics (age, gender), social network membership, and social influence, as measured by the Klout score, which quantifies reach by measuring the level of audience engagement.
If you’re just doing email marketing, as usual, it’s time to take things to another level and know your customers even more.
For example, let’s say that out of 10,000 of your email newsletter readers, 500 of them have high Klout scores. Wouldn’t it be useful to segment them along their INFLUENCE and create a campaign so they can talk about you and your product event more?
This is the power of blending email marketing and social media. You get to know your customers a whole lot more!