Why Leverage Specific Vendor Loans For Specific Technologies

There’s a lot of talk about banks being understandably very cautious of loans they are (not) providing to small businesses, which is hampering growth.
However, there are many vendors who have their own loan programs to help your business purchase their technology. Should you take advantage of these loans? I think so.
For example AT&T has a loan program, specifically designed for mobile solutions.
AT&T’s press release reads “In recent months, we’ve made loans to small businesses to meet a variety of needs,” said Anthony Lewis, President of AT&T Capital Services, “ranging from smartphones and other mobile devices equipped with fleet management or GPS tracking applications to the rollout of netbooks and laptops embedded with mobile broadband and Wi-Fi capabilities. Bottom line, AT&T is in a position to meet the communications needs of small businesses that are challenged by tight budgets.”
Before obtaining any loan for technology it’s best to FIRST test the technology on a small scale and measure the ROI, how end users are adopting the technology, how they like it, how customers like it and etc.
If you like the results then it’s a worth while investment to take a loan from a vendor to purchase the technology, knowing that it will pay for itself over a certain time frame and help your business further save time, save money, boost productivity and increase customer interactivity.