Why Marketing Should Have A Chief Marketing Technologist

For many small businesses, there’s only one or two chiefs and that’s the owners of the business. However, whether you are a very small business or one that’s growing, I read an interesting concept in Marketing Sherpa, and that’s about having a Chief Marketing Technologist.
Marketing is all about great communication. Relationships with customers. Even sales to some degree. But all of these things take the proper technology tools and the proper use of them to really enable the great communication message to be delivered.
Facebook integration with your web site. Webinar integration with your email. These things (and so much more) take a bit of technological expertise. So, why shouldn’t your marketing department have its own technologist and not just rely on your IT guy or web site programmer?
Marketing Sherpa writes:

Fifteen years ago, marketers did not have to understand webpage design, search engines or emails. Today, technology plays a larger role in marketing than ever before — and the list of required expertise grows with each innovation.
“It’s a golden age for marketing in terms of the tools that are available. But in many ways it’s overwhelming,” says Scott Brinker, President and CTO, ion interactive, a landing page strategy and testing vendor. “Most people in marketing, particularly in marketing management, do not have a lot of experience with technology management and technology integration.”
Marketing teams often turn to IT departments to launch and deploy new technology. The problem, Brinker says, is that the pace at which marketers want to leverage technology exceeds the pace at which IT teams can deploy it. This can hobble performance.
“For me, there’s only one possible solution. Marketing needs to own technology,” Brinker says.
Marketing teams need a dedicated Chief Technology Officer, a position Brinker has dubbed Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT). This person would be responsible for managing marketing technology in a way that achieved the best results.
Below, check out the four benefits Brinks sees a Chief Marketing Technologist adding to your team, and where he says you can find the right candidate.
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